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You can visit some of the websites designed by Tim Lawson by clicking on any of the website images above to see examples of a number of very different businesses.

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A good website need not cost a huge amount of money. Tim Lawson has designed websites for clients with a wide range of requirements who want to spread the word about their business or project in the most cost effective way. Without exception, they have all found that their web sites have become fundamental to their business aims.

First impressions really do count.  A website is the 'front of house' for your business and therefore needs to communicate a positive and favourable image. Just as your clothes help define who you are, your website will do the same for your business.  A website that is well designed and regularly maintained and updated will show that your business or project is established, successful and reliable.

A website is open all hours.  For services, products or information, the internet is almost everyone's first port of call, so an online presence is essential whatever the size of your company or project. A good website will make your business more accessible - the internet is open 24 hours a day - and without a website you will be missing out on potential customers.

Good website design can make all the difference.  A properly designed website provides an effective way to communicate with your target market. It should tell people who you are, what you do and where you are, in a clear and easy to navigate way. A badly designed website can lose you business - if a customer can't work out what you do, or see what they are looking for quickly, they will go somewhere else!


At times when you wish you had your own IT department in a cupboard, Tim Lawson is there to help, providing over-the-phone technical advice or by arranging a home visit to resolve your computer problems with as little stress as possible. He is also able to source and advise on individual hardware requirements and provide a set-up service for clients' peripheral equipment, such as printers and external back-up drives.

I was completely at a loss with my new back-up drive but with help from Tim Lawson, in this case over the telephone and using a magical thing called Team Viewer, he was able to diagnose the problem and take me through the necessary steps to get it fixed. Brilliant! - DS, Essex.

Tim Lawson is always my first port of call for all things 'Mac'. His patient, reassuring and knowledgeable manner is so useful, especially in stressful moments! He recently talked me through a series of complex operations on the telephone when my Mac would not start after which all was well! - JAK, Warks.

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Using TeamViewer software I can often resolve issues remotely, saving you valuable time. You can download TeamViewer by clicking the button.


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